In this economy many companies are experiencing a squeeze on profits. Revenues are stagnant or falling and costs are steady or rising.

Are you caught in this PROFITABILITY VICE?

Proitability Vice

If so your first response may be to reduce staff, reduce marketing efforts, stop training for staff. While these actions provide results in the short term they may often be disastrous in the long term.

You reduce staff and then …

  • Employee moral suffers
  • Good employees may leave
  • Necessary work does not get done

You reduce marketing efforts and then …

  • Sales and revenue go down
  • Customers may take business to a competitor
  • Pipeline of prospective customers is reduced

You reduce training and employee benefits and then …

  • Employee productivity goes down
  • Customer service suffers as employees are not trained to deal with customers
  • Revenue suffers as employees are not trained in selling strategies

When this happens bigger problems may result such as

  • Permanent brand erosion
  • Re-hire staff – more people at higher salaries to replace the lost seasoned employees
  • Invest heavily in marketing to regain market share.


Many companies can easily unlock cash flow and profitability by improving efficiency - using existing technology and human resources more effectively.

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